The California State retention regulations require that the original medical records accumulated during the Hospital’s operation are maintained. Records will be maintained until November, 2021.

Temple Community Hospital has entered into a legal arrangement whereby Iron Mountain will not only store the medical records, but will also provide release of information services.

Many former patients will need to obtain copies of their records, and Iron Mountain has established a procedure to comply with these requests.

The medical records have been moved to an Iron Mountain facility. In order for Iron Mountain to provide copies of medical records to patients, or a recipient designated by them, Iron Mountain requires an authorization signed by the patient or their legal representative.

A copy of the authorization form can be obtained by:

Selecting the website link below to download the form


Call the phone number below to request a form be mailed to you. Please make certain that the form is completed in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in a

processing delay.

There is a fee for obtaining copies of medical records. The fee has been established in accordance with both state and federal guidelines.

Please mail the completed authorization form to:

Release of Information
Iron Mountain Records Management, Inc.
3900 Nome Street
Denver, CO 80239

Iron Mountain will do our best to process your request in a timely and expeditious manner. If you have questions please feel free to call Iron Mountain Release of Information at (303) 373- 5764.