Spinal & Orthopedic Program

The multidisciplinary orthopedic and neurospine program at Temple Community Hospital provides state of the art care for the special needs of these patients. Our highly trained physicians specialize in the treatment of joint and spinal related diseases and injuries.

Nursing staff and therapy services have experience and training in the post surgical care and facilitate the rapid recovery of patients. Somewhat unique to this program is the emphasis on the family-centered approach to providing pre-operative, surgical intervention, and post operative care. A family member is welcomed with accommodations provided to remain with the patient and is considered an integral part of the patient’s care and recovery.

Patients are seen daily by a team of staff to ensure their needs are met in a timely manner and support the direct caregivers.  Family members leave the hospital feeling comfortable with the patient’s home care needs.

Temple Community Hospital’s surgeons have years of experience and expertise in treating shoulder, elbow,  spine, hand and wrist, hip, and knee injuries and diseases. While surgery on the spine can sound “scary”, Temple’s surgeons are well prepared to manage cervical, thoracic and lumbar disk herniations, spinal cord compression, spine instability, trauma, and tumors.

By performing the latest surgical and non surgical treatment options, Temple Community Hospital’s physicians and staff ensure the best outcome possible for each patient.