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If you are a woman suffering from benign fibroid tumors and ovarian cysts, and you are looking for a surgical treatment more effective than traditional myomectomy that will seek to preserve as much of your uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes as possible, Female Alternative Surgery (F.A.S.) may be of interest to you.

Dr. Tirso del Junco, Jr., is a nationally known physician, performing this procedure at Temple Community Hospital. The hospital stay is arranged to allow a companion to accompany the patient.

F.A.S. is more effective, more thorough, and does not require a blood transfusion as a traditional myomectomy often does. The recurrence rate of fibroids following FAS is only 1-3%, as contrasted with the 20-45% recurrence rate for myomectomy. F.A.S. also searches a greater level of surface area for tumors than myomectomy and considers the avoidance of hysterectomy a primary concern. This procedure is one that considers not only the physical health of the patient, but the emotional health as well.

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