Pre-Registration Information
Pre-Registration Information

Pre-Registration Information

Pre-register for In-patient or Out-patient services.

Pre-registration can be completed two different ways for the patient's convenience. Choose one of the following options:

Fax the Pre-admission Form

Pre-Registration Information

Pre-register by Telephone

  • Call the Patient Registration at 213-382-7252 ext. 250 Be prepared to provide the following:
    • Date of surgery, test or procedure
    • Demographic information
    • Insurance information (on card)
    • Complete physician name(s)

Hours for Pre-registration

The Patient Registration hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. - daily.
Pre-Registration Information

Miscellaneous Information

Pre-admission Testing

The patient will be informed/instructed if any pre-admission/surgical testing is necessary from your physician/surgeon. Please direct all medical questions to your physician/surgeon.


Visitor parking is located on Council St. Click Here for Map & Directions.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours are from 11am to 8 pm, unless other arrangements have been made by your physician.

Transportation Home

The hospital recommends that all patients check with their physician/surgeon to determine if the patient will need another individual to transport patient to their home after surgery, test or procedure.

Pre-Registration Information

Billing & Insurance Help

Patient Financial Services

Customer service representatives at Temple are here to help you and your family with financial questions. Feel free to call on us if you would like:
  • An explanation of your bill
  • An explanation of what your insurance paid and what makes up the balance due
  • An estimate for a procedure you or a family member may need.
For your convenience, this Web site will allow you to e-mail your questions to us 24 hours a day. You can expect a prompt response within three business days. This may save you from spending unnecessary time on the telephone. If you have a question we can help you with, please contact us. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Other Billing Contacts

If your bill is from one of the organizations listed below, please call them directly at the numbers provided. Temple does not have access to their billing information, so we cannot provide further details on these bills.
  • Kenneth C Nieberg, M.D, Inc , Temple Anatomic Path 805-578-8321 ext: 425
  • Jimmy Chanbonpin, M.D. Radiologist I.Y. Kim, M.D. Cardiology 323-662-1175

Insurance and Financial Information

Many insurance plans require pre-authorization for hospital admissions and certain outpatient procedures and services. The Business Office recommends that the patient check with their insurance carrier to verify that visit has been authorized/pre-certified or physician referral has been obtained.

If you have any financial concerns, regarding your surgery, test or procedure, contact a financial counselor before hospital arrival at one of the following phone numbers:
  • 213-382-7252 ext 227
  • 213-382-7252 ext 231
Patients may be requested to pay for services, at time of registration, if services are not covered or if insurance should not be billed.

Note: Patients will receive separate charges for the physician/surgeon since the hospital and physicians are separate entities.

What items should the patient not bring to the hospital?

For the patient's protection, patients should not bring jewelry, credit cards or large amounts of cash to the hospital. If this occurs, patient will be requested to send items home as soon as possible. Until such arrangement is made, valuables may be stored in the hospital safe. Temple Community Hospital does not assume responsibility for lost items.

Pre-Registration Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the hospital address and main phone number?
      Temple Community Hospital
      235 N Hoover St
      Los Angeles, California 90004
      213-382-7252 (Information Desk/Main Line)
      213-382-7252 ext. 250 (Pre-Registration Department)

  • How do my family and friends contact me?
    Please have them dial 213-382-7252 and your ext. to your room is 4 followed by your room number. For example, if you are in room 314, your ext would be 4314.

  • What time should a patient arrive for surgery?
    Please consult with the physician/surgeon for hospital arrival/surgery time.

  • Will it be necessary for the patient to bring their insurance card?
    Yes. The hospital needs a copy of the insurance card in order to verify coverage and to determine if pre-certification is required for an inpatient admission.

  • Will patients be required to stop at registration?
    Yes. At point of check in, the following will occur by a Patient Access Representative:
    • Forms signed by patient and/or representative
    • Insurance card copied
    • Advance Directive copied (if applicable or executed)
    • Demographic/insurance verified
    • Financial obligations provided or collected
    • Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire (MSP) completed for Medicare Patients Only

  • Should a patient bring a copy of their Advance Directive to the hospital?
    Yes. If the patient has executed an Advance Directive, a current copy needs to be provided to the hospital. Situations and wishes change, so the hospital cannot assume that Advance Directives are valid from one admission to another.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding Advance Directives, the hospital encourages the patient to talk with their physician and loved ones. If you need additional information about how to execute an Advance Directive, please contact the Social Service Department at 213-382-7252 ext. 368.

  • When will the Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire (MSP) be completed?
    A Patient Access Representative will complete the Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire (MSP) when the patient arrives for their surgery, test or procedure.

    Federal Law requires that providers of medical services to Medicare beneficiaries determine whether or not there is other insurance coverage for the beneficiary that should be billed before a bill is submitted to Medicare. Providers, such as hospitals, must be able to document that they have screened for other insurance coverage by asking the beneficiary questions which will identify if other insurance is available.

    The Medicare Questionnaire contains all of the necessary questions that need to be asked of the beneficiary to determine if there is other insurance that is primary to Medicare. Accurately completing the Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire ensures expedient payments to providers, as well as, compliance with Medicare rules and regulations.

  • Where should patients' check-in?
    Please check in at the Admitting Office, which is located next to the main lobby on the first floor.

  • What is pre-certification and how does it happen?
    The basic definition of pre-certification is obtaining approval from the insurer for patient services prior to treatment. Pre-certification is a critical element for payment of services. For surgical cases, the physician's office is responsible for obtaining pre-certification. The doctor has access to the patient's medical history and indication for the procedure. It is advisable for the patient to do a follow-up, with their doctor, to ensure that this process has occurred. Failure to have a surgery, test or procedure pre-certified could result in reduced or denied benefits by the insurance carrier.

  • Should the patient eat or drink prior to surgery, tests or procedures?
    Consult with the physician/surgeon regarding medical questions. If the orders are not followed, this could result in surgery, tests or procedures being delayed or cancelled.

  • How is a wheelchair obtained when the patient arrives?
    Wheelchairs are located at the information desk and/or registration check-in.

  • Will the patient have instructions to take home?
    The patient will be discharged according to the physician/surgeon's orders. Instructions will be provided as to the patient's care, medication and post-op follow-up after hospital visit and/or surgery.

  • What are the directions to Temple Community Hospital?
    For a map of the location for the hospital,
    please click on the Map Icon.
    Pre-Registration Information

Thank you for choosing Temple Community Hospital.
"The Spirit of Caring"
Pre-Registration Information

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